The Best Free Games for Oculus Rift: Farlands & Fishing Planet

Our next two favourite Oculus Rift videogames are animal centric Farlands & Fishing Planet. The first is direct from Oculus VR getting players to care for animals while the other is a well established studio focused on sports fishing.

Farlands screenshot

Animal Centric Free Rift Titles


 Another family-friendly title but this time from Oculus itself is Farlands. Completely different in scope from the rest of the videogames in the guide, Farlands inhabits a fantastical world full of weird and wonderful creatures that need to be nurtured and cared for in order to survive.

Farlands isn’t design as an adventure where players spend hours exploring and finding treasures. There are unlockable areas as players progress through but the main backbone of the title is about discovering new wildlife and plants, and helping them grow.

You play a research scientist place on this alien world to discover new species, and as you document and look after the first ones you find more will venture into the area, similar to Viva Piñata. As your research progresses through animal scans performed, the more information you will gather, thus giving you to the opportunity to journey to new locations and unlock further rewards.

The hook with Farlands – in the same vein as Animal Crossing – is that it offers new things to do everyday, encouraging players to regularly come back and find out what’s changed. There’s also the fact that the animals need your care and attention, abandoning them will be to their detriment.

More seasoned gamers might not find a great deal of challenge in Farlands, but it’s a good entry point for VR novices. The addition of daily updates adds to the replayability factor and the gorgeous visuals shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

Fishing Planet screenshot 1

Fishing Planet:  

If your idea of relaxation is sitting by a river, casting out a line and waiting for a fish to bite then you should take a look at Fishing Planet. The fishing title launched way back in August 2015 on Steam for the Oculus Rift DK2, and since then built a growing community of VR anglers.

Fishing Planet is all about sport fishing, trialling the best lines, lures, rods and other paraphernalia to catch the best fish. Utilising photo-realistic environments keen anglers can try their hand at catching over 32 species of fish across seven different waterways. Developer Fishing Planet LLC has set its sights high on the realism front by not only giving the fish unique AI so that players strategies and tactics have to change to secure that prized fish, but also with the range of equipment that’s on offer.

The in game tackle store features around 300 tackle and equipment items giving thousands of combination possibilities, so it may take you some time to workout what best suits how you play, the location you choose and the time of day your fishing. Fishing Planet has day and night conditions, seasons and weather ranging from fog and rain to a nice sunny day.

The videogame is free to download and play, but VRFocus will point out that this is the only entry in this guide with in-app purchases. It’s also a Steam Early Access title, so afterward Early Access it’ll still be free but those in-app purchases are likely to rise.

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