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VR vs. Half Measures

Videogame developers need to stop using VR as the cherry on top, and start using it to bake the whole cake.

VR vs. Timings

There's a new version of PlayStation VR coming, and the announcement has Kevin scratching his head.

VR vs. Since You’ve Been Gone

Recovering from food poisoning, Kevin E gives some quick thoughts on a busy couple of weeks in terms of discussable topics.

VR vs. By Design

It shouldn't be a surprise that a square peg does not fit a round hole as well as a round peg.

VR vs. Unpacked

Samsung Unpacked desperately needs an injection of something, because Kevin E is losing the will to live watching them.

VR vs. Holidays

Kevin took the opportunity to get away from it all, unfortunately for him VR had no interest in staying away.

VR vs. The Mobile Divide

Kevin E on films, sausages and the strange situation where the smartphone can be praised and condemned.

VR vs. Getting Antsy

As VRFocus staff get attacked by ants, Kevin E wonders what Microsoft are so worried about.