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Oculus Rift Reviews

Review: VR Tennis Online

VR Tennis Online offers the first sports title for Oculus Rift. Far from simulation, this is the 'fun' side of tennis...

Review: Farlands

Oculus Rift exclusive Farlands takes Animal Crossing into space, adapting the family-friendly gameplay for VR.

Review: Pinball FX 2 VR

Zen Studios bring the hugely popular Pinball FX 2 to Oculus Rift, but does it hit a high score in VR?

Review: Lucky’s Tale

Playful Corp.'s Lucky's Tale defines what it means to be a platform videogame in VR.

Review: Chronos

Gunfire Games brings The Legend of Zelda style adventuring to the Oculus Rift.

Review: InCell VR

Releases of finalised products aimed at the virtual reality (VR) audiences remain few-and-far between. Tech demos, alphas and betas are still the majority of what the community are treated to, and will be for some months yet. So when a…

Review: Project CARS

AAA virtual reality (VR). That's something the community has dreamed about since the day the initial Kickstarter for Palmer Luckey's Oculus Rift launched. Nearly three years later with no consumer hardware available that's still a dream,…

Review: Toybox Turbos

Codemasters have broken new ground. A full title released for a piece of hardware not yet publicly available, and polished in it's support despite the limited audience. Technical demos are commonplace for virtual reality (VR) at present, as…