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Gear VR Reviews

Review: Land’s End

To get whisked away to new lands and see things you might never have seen otherwise; that is virtual reality’s (VR’s) core mission. Breakthroughs in interaction and communication will come but the essence of this technology is really all…

Review: DRIFT

You'll be able to work out if DRIFT is for you within the first few seconds of booting it up. Passing a load screen, you'll suddenly find yourself being catapulted down the barrel of a gun, breaking out into a hectic scene in which the…

Review: Gunjack

Every mission in Gunjack starts with the exact same sequence. The camera fades in, giving you a full view of the turret pod that you control as it's sent up into the unknown depths of space. Your character routinely sets up for combat,…

Review: Esper 2

VRFocus delivers a review of Coatsink's Esper 2, available exclusively for the newly released Samsung Gear VR virtual reality device.

Review: Anshar Wars 2

VRFocus delivers a review of OZWE's forthcoming Anshar Wars 2, set for release on the Samsung Gear VR this winter.

Review: Into the Dead

VRFocus delivers a review of PikPok's newly-released Into the Dead, now available over on the Samsung Gear VR HMD.

Review: VRAsteroids

VRFocus delivers a review of SpinVector's VRAsteroids, available now exclusively for Samsung Gear VR.

Review: FindingVR

VRFocus delivers a review of the newly launched FindingVR, a Gear VR exclusive title from The Vision Raiders now available for download.

Review: Temple Run VR

VRFocus delivers a review of the final release version of Imangi Studios' Temple Run VR, now available for download on the Samsung Gear VR.

Review: Bandit Six

VRFocus delivers a review of Climax Studios' debut virtual reality videogame, Bandit Six, now available exclusively for the Samsung Gear VR.