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Gear VR Reviews

Review: CastleStorm VR

After Pinball FX VR, Zen Studios give VR a second crack, with similarly welcoming results.

Review: Tactera

A strategy videogame designed for strategy enthusiasts.

Review: Space Agent

Though it offers a very different gameplay experience from traditional mobile apps, Gear VR doesn't seem too concerned with avoiding some of the genres that have saturated that platform over the past few years. If you play mobile videogames…

Review: Air Hockey VR

Air Hockey makes a lot of sense in virtual reality (VR) simply because it's not something you're likely to play all that often. You might own a table if you're the wealthy, seemingly time-rich occupant of the home that Air Hockey VR is set…

Review: Deadhead

Deadhead represents something a little different for the burgeoning gallery shooter genre on the Gear VR. Whereas Gunjack and countless other examples focus on lightning reactions that are locked to the direction you're facing, here's a…

Review: Dead End Alley

The human race as a decidedly dangerous fascination with the zombie apocalypse. Sure, it means the end of the world, but it would also lead to the creation of a new one in which survivors can smash heads with baseball bats and wade through…