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HTC Vive Previews

Preview: The Collider 2

ShortBreak adds VR to its upcoming sequel and invents sci-fi dodgeball in the process.

Preview: Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

Golf is a popular sport that translates fairly well in videogames, smashing 300 yard swings down the fairway before teasing that little white ball into the hole at the end. But to spice things up minigolf was created that still retains the…

Preview: Final Approach

Final Approach is about to descend into your HTC Vive: check out one last hands-on before you can jump in.

Preview: Giant Cop

Other Ocean Interactive is serving up one of Vive's funniest titles.

Preview: Jeeboman for HTC Vive

Futuretown's aggressive pursuit of virtual reality (VR) sees the developer lining up 3 titles for the forthcoming launch of the HTC Vive. While most VR enthusiasts will already be familiar with Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, A-10 VR and Jeeboman…

Preview: EVEREST VR on HTC Vive

Virtual reality (VR) comes in many forms with developers seemingly taking every opportunity to blur the line between experiential software and videogames as the release of consumer hardware quickly approaches. Sólfar Studios; EVEREST VR…

Preview: Elite: Dangerous on HTC Vive

Elite: Dangerous has been somewhat of a talking point in virtual reality (VR) circles of late. Originally built to encompass Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs) as part of its entourage of modern technical prowess, a change in Oculus…