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VR vs. Getting Antsy

As VRFocus staff get attacked by ants, Kevin E wonders what Microsoft are so worried about.

VR vs. Browsing

In a week of relative quiet, a small but persistant little annoyance when it comes to VR shopping.

VR vs. AR’s Gym Leader

Back from holiday but somehow still exhausted, Kevin E discusses Pokémon GO's place on augmented reality's pedestal.

VR vs. The Other Side Of The Fence

Disliking VR may be easy to do for some but while in some cases it is understandable it's going to get trickier for the others to do so.

VR vs. 365 (Sort Of)

Kevin E has been in charge of VR vs for a almost a year so he looks back at some of his older topics to see how he feels now.