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VR vs. In Moderation

Kevin E discusses the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the comments section.

VR Vs. the AAA Holiday Stampede

The videogames industry has long suffered from a flood of big titles in the holiday season; will VR suffer the same fate?

VR vs. Childhood, Parenthood & The Chain

Kevin E has been thinking about the possibility of becoming a Dad someday, and how the changing technology will mean any child will be seeing things very differently to him.

VR vs. The Dark Horse

Who is the VR company to watch in 2018? For Kevin E it's the one that junked its VR headset: Intel.

VR vs. Agitos & Agitation

AR can't do everything, nor should it - but some apparently think it can and should regardless of the cost - as a tweet from last month proved to Kevin E.

VR vs. The Screen Test

It's not easing being green. Kevin E recalls an email advertising a brand new AR feature, just a pity it wasn't AR

VR vs. A Handshake

In this week's edition of VRFocus Community Manager Kevin Eva's column what we say and how we say are going to be just as important for VR.

VR vs. Oculus Connect 4

In Kevin E's weekly column he looks at OC4, an event that certainly happened. Also the sky turned red.

VR vs. Half Measures

Videogame developers need to stop using VR as the cherry on top, and start using it to bake the whole cake.