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VR vs. Subtle Moves

Kevin E tells of times when the VRFocus team agree on the quality of a VR videogame, then explains why he disagrees with part of our Arca's Path preview.

VR vs. No Cause For A Llama

Kevin heads home from EGX 2018 charting all the VR titles there. Neither the list nor the journey will take that long.

VR vs. The All-Knowing

It's been a rough week for Kevin E, but he knows that to some not being aware of the VR news for the past few days will be positively criminal.

VR vs. An Asterisk

Kevin E thought there was nothing that could derail VR, that thought now comes with a multi-billion dollar caveat.

VR vs. Ready, Steady?

After last night's "NVIDIA-fest", Kevin E wonders as to when the term VR Ready becomes just 'a computer'.