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GDC 2016 Liveblogs: “Women Lead VR” Panel

Executives from four women-led VR companies discuss production in this emerging medium and the value of bringing diverse voices into the creation of meaningful, impactful content.

The VR Job Hub: Google, AMD & VREAL

Whether you’re an experienced designer, programmer, engineer, or maybe you’ve just been inspired after reading VRFocus articles - either way, you have stumbled across VRFocus’ job hub. The jobs listed here are located worldwide, from major…

Quick Look: Escape Room VR

Coming off the back of the excellent Neverout, the bar has been raised for virtual reality (VR) puzzlers on Gear VR. Developer Setapp impressed with its gravity-shifting first-person experience in which players search for a way out of a…

Nintendo Doesn’t Need an HMD to Make Our VR Dreams Come True

Palmer Luckey wants to be a Pokémon master. Those are his own words, as said to a crowd at the South By South West (SXSW) festival in 2014. "I’ve always wanted to be a Pokémon master and that’s really what I want to do," he said of his…