Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki Gives a Free Taster in April

Physical puzzle title Yupitergrad launched last summer, challenging players to swing through a space station without succumbing to the many traps which lay in their path. To give you a taster of the gameplay, developer Gamedust is set to launch a free version in April alongside a selection of updates to the main videogame.


The free, standalone edition is amusingly titled Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki featuring a short version of the tutorial as well as selected Time Attack levels giving new players a nice taster of the mechanics and whether they’re comfortable. It’ll be released sometime next month via SideQuest and Steam.

As for the main updates, these will come in two lots during April for PC VR and Oculus Quest players. A Quality of Life update will introduce improvements such as Steam Achievements, Friends Leaderboards, Player Height Adjustment for VR and Improved UI with easier access to the options menu. The second will be the Next Challenges update adding 10 new Time Attack levels, new obstacles and new music, all for free. Both of these updates will come to the PlayStation VR version shortly after.

With some comedic vibes, Yupitergrad puts you in the role of a cosmonaut sent to a space station orbiting Jupiter to conduct a rather dangerous experiment. Things go wrong, so with two grappling suction cups attached to each hand you have to navigate the treacherous station to put things right. And it is very dangerous. No space station should ever contain this many flooded sections,  whirling rollers of death, gas leaks, corridors which open out into space and other lovely obstacles.


In its review of Yupitergrad VRFocus said: “What you see is what you get with Gamedust’s latest VR experience and that’s no bad thing. From the aesthetics to the locomotion, Yupitergrad is a nicely crafted VR game which was thrilling to play at points.”

As Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki isn’t coming to PlayStation VR by the sounds of it, owners can enjoy the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack instead, which is offering the first mission until 5th April.

When Gamedust confirms the launch dates for the updates and free demo, VRFocus will let you know.