Tundra Tracker Kickstarter Passes £500k

It’s always difficult to gauge how well a crowd-funded Kickstarter will do, especially where hardware is concerned. Tundra Labs launched its campaign two days ago for its Tundra Tracker, instantly proving there’s an appetite for SteamVR compatible tracking solutions by smashing past its funding goal in the first day.

Tundra Tracker

The team set out to raise $250,000 USD during the course of the campaign, already achieving just over $750k (£546k) in the past couple of days. That’s quite the haul considering it’s just a wireless tracker and that the first funding tier for a Tundra Tracker and Dongle is $130. The Early Bird x3 Bundle has sold out but the standard Tundra Tracker x3 Bundle – which includes three trackers and one dongle – for $300 (£219) has been the most popular with 1,126 backers so far.

Tundra Tracker is all about offering a small, lightweight solution for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts to track their entire body within a digital space. As your hands and head are already tracked thanks to the headset and controllers, the trackers are attached to your waist and feet to make an entire virtual skeleton. It’s the sort of framework which is ideal for titles like Rezzil Player 21, a platform based around real-world football drills.

Tundra Labs’ system is modular should developers need it. While adding those three body points provides a basic structure, using the right Tundra dongle users can add a maximum of seven trackers to one system for even more accuracy. One of the benefits of this solution is that only one dongle is required for all the trackers. Compare that to the more widely known Vive Tracker which needs one dongle for each tracker, that’s a lot of USB ports.

Tundra Tracker

The SteamVR tracking space has really begun to hot up in 2021. Not only do you have the Tundra Tracker which is slated to officially begin shipping in September, British firm TG0 has just launched its eteeTracker which looks significantly different, there’s the Manus Pro Tracker at the top end of the market and let’s not forget the third-generation Vive Tracker HTC Vive recently announced. So there’s no shortage of options.

The Tundra Tracker Kickstarter concludes on 28th May so the campaign has plenty of time to up that funding tally even further. As that happens VRFocus will keep you updated.