Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Mansion of Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife With This Web Version

Fast Travel Games is set to launch its horror title Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife for Oculus Quest and Rift in April. If you’ve been looking forward to the launch then the studio has something extra special to fill that time. This week saw the launch of the Barclay Mansion Challenge, a short browser-based experience where you can step inside the mansion and complete a challenge to win stuff.

Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife

So no virtual reality (VR) headset is required, simply go to WraithAfterlife.com on a computer or smartphone to start playing. It gives you a great glimpse into the chilling setting whilst tasking you to use the in-game camera to capture Remnants – cursed memories of the mansion’s recent guests. Succeed in capturing all seven of them and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife branded Oculus Quest 2, you could even get your name in the game.

The challenge will be available until 22nd April but the draw for the Oculus Quest 2 will take place on the 20th so best complete the challenge quickly. Everyone who signs up also gets a free Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife 4K wallpaper for their desktop.

Set within the World of Darkness universe, Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife sees you play as the unfortunate Ed Miller, a photographer who dies during a seance at the luxurious Barclay Mansion. Stuck between the living world and the afterlife, you have to roam the hallways looking for clues as to what happened. However, being dead doesn’t mean to say you’re entirely safe. As a wraith, you can walk through walls and pick items up at a distance but you must also avoid Spectres. These are spirits of wrath and vengeance. With no way to defend yourself from them, you must tread carefully and hide.

Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife

VRFocus previewed Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife earlier in March, finding that it was: “looking very promising. The scare factor feels spot-on, not too much, yet enough to keep you on edge, and the whole aesthetic of the mansion and the events that have taken place work tremendously.”

For further updates and a full review of Wraith: the Oblivion – Afterlife, keep reading VRFocus.