Scenic Jigsaw Game Puzzling Places is Coming to PlayStation VR

Puzzling Places by Realities.io might have been available as a sideloaded Oculus Quest app for a year now but it has been gaining traction of late. After being one of the launch titles for Oculus’ App Lab, today the developer has revealed Puzzling Places is on course for a PlayStation VR launch at the end of the year.

Puzzling Places

Best described as a meditative virtual reality (VR) 3D puzzler, the studio takes photogrammetry scans of beautiful places around the globe and turns them into hyper-realistic miniatures for you to reassemble. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Daniel Sproll, cofounder of Realities.io revealed that: “Puzzling Places was a result of a total accident – An error in our pipeline caused the pieces of one of our Photogrammetry models to be jumbled up which sparked a brilliant idea to, you guessed it, puzzle the pieces back together!”

Gameplay works exactly as you’d expect a puzzle to work, you’re presented with a jumbled up selection of pieces to put back together, with some handy 2D photographs taken from various angles to help you visualise the final 3D model. As you do so this miniature world is brought to life thanks to an immersive soundscape, hearing the bustle of a town or squawking seagulls at a beach.

The current Oculus Quest version in App Lab contains six puzzles each with a set number of pieces like Market Square in Gliwice (seen below) which has 200 pieces. Realities.io plans on expanding the gameplay possibilities whilst developing the PlayStation VR version, enabling each puzzle to have multiple difficulties depending on how quick or long you want to play. Puzzling Places will also get more puzzles to solve upon release.

Puzzling Places

Long term fans of Puzzling Places will know that Realities.io has been funding the project through Patreon, with backers able to access a total of 38 jigsaw puzzles which have come from 3D scans made by creators from around the world. Some of these may well come to the PlayStation VR version or the studio could have new ones planned, we’ll have to wait and see.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Puzzling Places, reporting back with further updates.