Point-and-Click Style Adventure The Secret of Retropolis Coming to PC VR This Summer

Those that love classic point-and-click adventures like the Monkey Island series or Grim Fandango should keep an eye out for The Secret of Retropolis an upcoming virtual reality (VR) title coming to PC headsets this summer.

The Secret of Retropolis

The first VR videogame from indie team Peanut Button which formed in 2019, The Secret of Retropolis is a stylish story-driven with plenty of film-noir vibes. The story takes place in the city of Retropolis, which is completely inhabited by robots tasked with keeping humanities past alive.

You’ll step into the role of Philip Log, an ex-cop and alcoholic robot who takes a job from Jenny Montage, a famous robotic movie star who wants you to reacquire a gem stolen by her husband. Of course, there’s more to this shady job than first appears, and as you delve deeper you’ll uncover a conspiracy that affects the entire city.

Featuring environments, items and characters all designed in Oculus Quill, The Secret of Retropolis will be a heavy mixture of zany puzzles interwoven with comedy writing. The gameplay will be nicely tailored to VR, whilst sticking to the theme of the universe. So whilst other VR games utilise a remote grab option, in The Secret of Retropolis you’ll have super extendable robot arms to collect and interact with objects.

The Secret of Retropolis

That’s because The Secret of Retropolis is designed to be a comfortable, seated experience all players can enjoy. More experienced players should find the gameplay fairly casual, much like Vanishing Grace or Stargaze for example.

The Secret of Retropolis is slated for launch on Steam and the Oculus Store for Rift this summer. Watch the official announcement video below and when Peanut Button release further details, VRFocus will let you know.