Platformer Ven VR Adventure to get a non-VR Version Q4 2021

Monologic Games launched Ven VR Adventure for Oculus Rift in December 2020, expanding support to SteamVR headsets in January. Previously confirming Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR development was underway, the studio has just revealed that a non-VR edition is in the works.

Ven VR Adventure

A new listing has appeared on Steam for Ven Adventure with a release date slated for Q4 2021, so if you don’t fancy popping on a headset – or don’t own one – then at least there will be another way to enjoy the experience. Having its own listing does seem to suggest this will be entirely separate from the VR edition so it’s unclear if current owners will have access to the flat version.

As for VR updates on the other versions, there’s been nothing concrete for a little while now. Both the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR editions are still coming with the standalone headset looking to be the earlier recipient. Monologic Games previously offered a Q1/Q2 window, teasing over on its Discord channel this month that a launch in April is looking good.

In Ven VR Adventure you have to help the titular character save his planet by jumping and hacking your way through enemies all under the banner of the evil Bruce Nelson, who wants to destroy Ven’s magical world and access its energy to make him immortal. The videogame consists of three main regions split into four separate levels. On your travels, you’ll have to collect magical runes which increase Ven’s health, rescue his companions who are all in hiding, and expertly navigate deadly traps which will instantly kill the plucky hero.

Ven VR Adventure

VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Ven VR Adventure, saying: “There’s a lot to love about Ven VR Adventure, from its gorgeous environments to its unrelenting desire to challenge your gameplay skills and patience.”

As further details are released regarding Ven VR Adventure and its platform support, VRFocus will let you know.