Frosty Co-op After the Fall Melts Onto PC VR & PSVR Summer 2021

The virtual reality (VR) titles on VRFocus’ list of ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2021‘ are beginning to be ticked off one by one, with Hitman 3 now out and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife due in April. Today’s barrage of videogame announcements has final seen Vertigo Games confirm that its co-op shooter After the Fall will see a multiplatform release this summer.

After the Fall

Initially stencilled in for a 2020 launch after its unveiling in 2019, Vertigo Games had to push the release back due to remote working. Now that After the Fall has been given a slightly more specific Summer 2021 window for PlayStation VR and PC VR, it could be the big VR experience of the season.

Built to provide full cross-platform multiplayer for up to 4 players, After the Fall is set in a post-apocalyptic LA where the team have to fight a range of mutated monsters called Snowbreed in order to survive. They’ll be able to find normal weapons in amongst the ruins as well as components to upgrade and make new ones – like a hand-mounted multi rocket launcher. If there aren’t enough players then AI companions will be dropped in to fill the gaps.

“Since the early concept phase, After the Fall has been all about having VR gamers team up together – regardless of the device they play on – through full cross-platform multiplayer functionality. In a time of widespread social isolation it feels like that goal now has additional relevance,” said Richard Stitselaar, Studio Director at Vertigo Games. “We’re truly excited about moving into this next campaign phase, in which we’ll be inviting more players into the game and sharing more details as we gear up towards launch.”

After the Fall

It’s been two years since VRFocus’ first demo of After the Fall and it already looked like a frantic arcade shooter back then. Hopefully, thanks to two more years of development, the team behind Arizona Sunshine have created a worthy followup.

Check out the new cinematic trailer for After the Fall below. When a more concrete launch date is revealed VRFocus will let you know.