First Details of Stride’s Story Mode Teased

Joy Way launched its Early Access free-running title Stride six months ago, offering three action-packed modes; Endless, Speed and Arena. The studio has also been working on a forth Story mode which is slated to arrive later this year, recently releasing three short teaser videos.

These are the first details of the Story Mode, which was originally expected to launch last year but Joy Way decided to delay, finding the plans were a little too ambitious for the timeline set. Unlike the other modes currently available which all take place on top of buildings, the Story mode will feature indoor sections for you to leap about in.

Looking a lot grittier thanks to the indoor lighting, you’ll be able to tackle the environments and enemies however you wish, scaling boxes and walkways to gain the upper hand. No details have been released regarding the actual narrative with more info coming over the next few months.

Story Mode is currently slated for Q3 2021 marking its official launch out of Early Access. Stride currently supports PC VR headsets with a PlayStation VR version expected no later than the end of April. All versions are expected to receive the new content. Those PC VR players who already own Stride will get Story Mode as a free update, with the videogame going up in price once it leaves Early Access.

As for the Oculus Quest port that is still on its way. Joy Way reconfirmed over the weekend that: “We’ve been working on a quest port for some time now.” No release window has been mentioned at the moment.

Currently, Stride’s Endless Mode is a frantic dash through a procedurally generated world where you have to stay ahead of a moving wall, wall running, climbing, leaping and shooting your way through. Speed Mode is purely a race against the clock, and for a bit more variety Arena Mode provides a varied-terrain arena with waves of enemies to beat.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Stride, reporting back with further updates.