Adorable Puzzler Tin Hearts Resurfaces This Winter 2021

The Wired Direct event took place today and to kick the show off a virtual reality (VR) title reemerged out of nowhere, Tin Hearts. Created by ex-Lionhead developers Rogue Sun, Tin Hearts is now slated to arrive at the end of 2021 for VR and non-VR platforms.

Tin Hearts

Rogue Sun initially revealed Tin Hearts back in 2016 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with an Early Access launch taking place in 2018. The following year the team went silent, pulling Tin Hearts from Steam noting it was: “now working with an incredible publisher” so that the team were “able to realise the full vision of the game.” That vision is due to arrive later this year by the sounds of it.

Described by Rogue Sun as a mixture of “Lemmings, Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol”, Tin Hearts is a delightful puzzle title that involves helping tin soldiers navigate through 40 levels. This involves using items in the world to change their direction such as angled blocks or bouncing them off of drums to traverse wider sections. Naturally, coming from some of the team behind Fable, Tin Hearts offers an enchanting narrative about love and compromise, with the gameplay spanning generations and dimensions.

VRFocus previewed the title in 2018, saying: “It feels almost like being inside a Disney movie, with beautiful use of light and wood to build a scene that has a great sense of presence, with just the right amount of toys and other paraphernalia littered about the place.”

Tin Hearts image1

Today’s showcase during Wired Direct featured an almost identical cinematic trailer from a couple of years ago with one main difference, the supported platforms at the end. As mentioned this was originally a PC VR title but now PlayStation VR and Oculus is listed alongside PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. There’s no mention of whether Tin Hearts will offer native Oculus Quest support or if it’ll be through Link.

In any case, it’s great to see Tin Hearts return even if the launch is months away. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.