Rez Infinite Creator Working on Next-Gen Followup

Known for its ‘synesthesia experiences’ like Child of Eden or Rez Infinite, Japanese developer Enhance Games recently brought the latter to Oculus Quest. Now the studio has confirmed its working on a next-gen project, expanding upon Rez Infinite’s Area X level.

Rez Infinite AreaX 07

Famitsu interviewed Enhance Games’ Tetsuya Mizuguchi – spotted by Video Games Chronicle – with a big focus on the recent launch of Oculus Quest 2. Early on he notes that Tetris Effect has seen monthly active users triple, similar to a lot of other developers recently.

Mizuguchi went onto discuss that work has begun on a new project for next-gen devices like PlayStation 5, looking to explore 3D spatial audio and haptics: “Of course, next-generation consoles were available at the end of last year, so I would like to develop the next game with a new generation, and the project is actually starting to move,” he said.

Interestingly, he notes that the dedicated VR level Area X was designed as a prologue to this upcoming videogame. “We hope to use that concept in the next generation of games. With the concept and XR technology, we’d like to increase the overall resolution and create a more detailed game.”

Rez Infinite - Area X

So while he might be exploring what these new consoles can do it seems Mizuguchi is still firmly focused on where XR is headed and its future potential: “In order to achieve this, the evolution of VR technology is very important, and resolution is also important. In other words, there are various levels of granularity, aren’t there? I’d like to see that improve.”

As the project is in the early stages of development his comments certainly look to support future headsets rather than any currently available. There could be plenty to choose from in the next couple of years, whether that’s unconfirmed devices like PlayStation VR 2 or Apple’s headset, or Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 followup. Whatever happens, VRFocus will bring you the latest news from Enhance Games.