Yupitergrad Latches Onto Oculus Quest Next Week

Gamedust’s swinging puzzle title Yupitergrad arrived for PC VR headsets last summer, with the studio revealing not long after launch that further headset support was on the way. Today, the team has announced that the Oculus Quest version will be released next week.


The upcoming launch will have a couple of bonuses for Oculus Quest. Firstly, Yupitergrad will support Oculus Quest 2’s 90Hz mode so all that swinging around is nice and smooth. Secondly, it’ll be the first time the new Time Attack mode will be playable, with other versions getting a free patch update in Q1 2021. Time Attack will have 20 levels to speed through, with both brand new ones and reworked levels from the campaign available. As with most Time Attack modes, it’ll include global leaderboards for players to compare stats.

Yupitergrad is set entirely on a space station orbiting Jupiter, as a cosmonaut you’ve been sent up there to conduct a dangerous experiment. However, it all goes awry so you have to navigate the sprawling station to put things right. The only way to get about is by using grappling plungers on each arm.

The plungers only attach to blue areas of the station, so exploration requires careful timing and precision to swing through the expansive halls and rooms. You also need to watch out for various environmental traps which can instantly kill.


Enjoying Yupitergrad’s unique brand of humour and gameplay, VRFocus said in its review: “What you see is what you get with Gamedust’s latest VR experience and that’s no bad thing. From the aesthetics to the locomotion, Yupitergrad is a nicely crafted VR game which was thrilling to play at points.”

Gamedust will be releasing Yupitergrad for Oculus Quest next Thursday 28th January. That puts it in direct competition with the long-awaited Gorn so it all depends on whether you want to be a Slavic Spider-Man or a brutal gladiator. For further updates to Yupitergrad, keep reading VRFocus.