Update to Cyberpunk Epic ‘Low-Fi’ Adds Traffic System, Casino & More

One of the most promising titles due to arrive in 2021 is Iris VR’s Low-Fi, a cyberpunk adventure for PC VR headsets. Today, the team released a new update for the early access videogame which adds various performance improvements as well as a casino, traffic system and other content.

The 27th update for Low-Fi and just over 2 months since the last one, dubbed ‘Big City Lights’ it includes an updated casino environment which now features working slot machines so you can gamble when your not policing the streets of city-block 303. Boxing and claw/crane games are also available plus there are arcade prizes for when you cash in tickets.

An ‘overworld traffic system’ has been introduced, with no further details. As a futuristic videogame with flying cars, you’ll need something to manage all of them, although how this will affect your own vehicle isn’t clear.

You’ll be able to customise your cruiser, pistol and utility glove with new skins, all off which are purchasable items. Then there’s a new evidence lockup system and the upgrade system has been improved. All essential stuff as the videogame readies for launch amid the furore over another cyberpunk (non-VR) title that shall remain nameless.


Full Low-Fi v0.027 Changelog:

– Performance enhancements
– Initial overworld traffic system
– Improved Upgrade system
– Evidence lockup system
– 6 new Cruiser Skins (purchasable) – 4 Pistol skins (purchasable) – 4 Utility glove skins (purchasable) – Improved Cruiser lights
– Working Slot machines in Casino
– Updated Casino environment
– Boxing Arcade game
– Claw/ crane arcade game.
– Arcade Prizes (for cashing in tickets)
– In game Photomode viewer + Access to files in documents/My Games/LOW-FI
– New Deluxe Apartment (purchasable later) – Apartment upgrade system (capsule apartment)

Brought to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, Low-Fi is the spiritual successor to Iris VR’s Technolust. You play a cop patrolling crime-ridden streets and skies, able to choose between solving mysteries and fighting crime or exploiting it for your own desires.

Currently expected to officially launch late Q1 2021, Low-Fi will initially support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The studio also plans to support PlayStation VR, PlayStation 5 and non-VR platforms in the future. The early access version of Low-Fi is available on itch.io. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.