The VR Game Launch Roundup: Dinos, Gladiators & Swinging Russians

As the last week of January 2021 draws near – it’s already been an eventful month! – what virtual reality (VR) videogames are there to look forward to? As VRFocus likes to do most Fridays, here are five upcoming titles which caught our eye.

Dino Eruption

Dino Eruption – MULTIVERSUM

It’s all about survival in this Early Access release from solo developer Multiversum. Dropped into a world full of hungry dinosaurs, Dino Eruption is a single-player adventure where you can run around killing every creature or hide, all the levels are procedurally generated so it’s never the same twice.

Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis – Orichalcum Pictures

Mixing both myth and archaeological history from ancient Greece and Egyptian civilizations, Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis takes players to the fabled city. As an Atlantean you have to save the civilisation from catastrophe, wielding supernatural powers to solve puzzles whilst collaborating with clerics and other characters.


Gorn – Free Lives

Gladiator combat taken to the extreme, Gorn has hit every other VR headset and soon it’s Oculus Quest’s turn.  Step inside a classic arena to vanquish wave after wave of muscle bound fighters. You can utilise weapons, fists or the environment to win, basically anything goes when it comes to success. Brutal with plenty of blood, broken bones and a lot of carnage.

  • Supported platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch date: 28th January

Yupitergrad – Gamedust

An environmental puzzler set onboard a space station orbiting Jupiter, Yupitergrad is all about using grappling plungers to try and escape. Cue rooms full of spinning wheels of death, hallways which open up to the planet below and plenty of other ways to kill you. The only way to get through is by swinging like a trapeze artist.


Outlaws of the Marsh VR – HXVR Studio

Set in China 900 years ago Outlaws of the Marsh VR is an action title where you can engage in hand-to-hand combat or use traditional long sticks, crossbows and more. It’s an Early Access title which doesn’t support English.

  • Supported platforms: HTC Vive
  • Launch date: 28th January