Stunning Puzzler Mare Coming Soon to Oculus Quest

There are plenty of exciting virtual reality (VR) titles arriving across 2021 for headsets including Oculus Quest. Recently, Visiontrick Media’s puzzle adventure Mare has appeared on the Oculus Store, with the launch slated for the beginning of the year.


Mare isn’t a new videogame out of nowhere, in fact, the title was first revealed back in 2016 with Visiontrick Media teaming up with Oculus for a platform exclusive. The newest trailer arrived in 2019 as the team exhibited Mare at SXSW in Austin, a launch slated for that summer. For those that have been following its development, the wait is almost over recent tweets confirm.

The videogame looks like it’ll be quite the puzzle adventure where you control a mechanical bird who needs to protect and guide a helpless AI companion. Offering gorgeous environments to explore, your job is to get your charge to her destination as part of her destiny. Needless to say, there’s a mysterious storyline to uncover whilst doing so.

This takes place across eight chapters, all filled with lost artefacts to discover which help to unlock a final secret. You do all of this with your gaze, soaring through the skies or swooping through valley’s purely looking in the direction you want to go. This should make for a comfortable, seated experience for most players, hopefully.


Currently, Mare only appears on Oculus Quest’s ‘Coming Soon’ section of the Oculus Store but Visiontrick Media has confirmed an Oculus Rift version is also due. “There will be a Rift version as well, but it will arrive slightly later than the Quest version,” the team said on Twitter.

Whilst Oculus Quest owners have got Mare, Yupitergrad, Baba Yaga and The Climb 2 to look forward to, if you’re new to the platform then head over to VRFocus’ roundup of the “Best Oculus Quest Games of 2020” for some content suggestions. As further details regarding Mare are released, VRFocus will let you know.