Population: One Season 1 is Coming Soon, Sign Up to Early Access Now

BigBox VR’s battle royale Population: One has been a big success with excellent feedback from players. This week the studio has not only rolled out a new update to fix several issues but revealed Season 1 is coming soon, and its looking for testers.

Currently, other than confirming Season 1 is on its way BigBox VR hasn’t revealed what it’ll actually feature. The only real hint comes from the tweeted video where the shape of a knife can be seen in the selection wheel. As this looks like a hefty blade melee combat could well be part of Population: One soon.

It’s expected that much like other battle royale titles like Fortnite and their season updates, Population: One’s will include new weapons and cosmetic items to unlock as well as significant changes to the map. The team has confirmed that the current progression system won’t be affected, with it working alongside the season one system.

If you’re interested in seeing season one ahead of launch then you can apply to be an early access tester via the Population: One Discord. The studio has yet to specify when the season one will be made available.

Population: One

As for the new updates, here’s a changelog of fixes:


  • Bullets: Fixed issue causing slightly offset bullets (affected shooting at a distance, especially noticeable with the AWP)
  • Prediction: General improvements to hit detection
  • Movement: Fixed issues where players could severely rubber band with a poor network connection


  • 4 color presets are now available from Settings -> Weapon Settings (Red, Yellow, Pink, or Green)
  • Changing the reticle color will update the world UI Reticle, Reflex Lens, and Tunnel Sights


  • Squads: Assorted fixes for repeat matchmaking failure while in a squad
  • Friend Codes: Removed 0 and 1 from friend codes to avoid confusion
  • Friends: Fixed edge case where removing a friend might remove the wrong friend
  • Loadout: Corrected icon for NYE Millie

Known Issues

  • Desktop VR: Climbing jitter can happen in some cases. Actively working on a fix for this.
  • Steam VR users playing on an Oculus headset: When Purchasing Bureau Gold, you will need to take off your headset to approve the purchase
  • If you see a notice that you need to “update to play” but don’t see it in the store, uninstall and reinstall POP: ONE to force the upgrade to happen. You won’t lose any progress or data.

Population: One launched last year for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.