Design Tool Gravity Sketch Moves to Free Model Today

Virtual reality (VR) design tool Gravity Sketch has been promoting the principle that model design is far easier starting in 3D, rather than beginning 2D, for several years now. Today, the London, UK-based company has taken another step towards aiding creative workflows by making Gravity Sketch free.

Gravity Sketch

Whether you’re on an Oculus Quest, a Valve Index or any other supported headset Gravity Sketch has now waived its usual £22.99 price so you can start designing straight away. This also means that the tool is leaving Early Access after releasing its fifth major only a few days ago.

Why is Gravity Sketch now free? “Over the past few years the tool has been adopted by a healthy number of users who have helped influence the direction of the development as well as our business model. To truly achieve our mission of accessible digital 3D creation, making the core product free is the best way forward,” said Oluwaseyi Sosanya, co-founder and CEO, Gravity Sketch, in a blog post. “Providing a free product allows us to welcome a more diverse user group.”

Going forward there will be two editions of Gravity Sketch, the ‘Core’ version which is free and contains all the normal creative tools users know and love, as well as IGES and FBX export options (FBX is for PC VR only) which were only previously available to business users. And then there’s the Business version which includes a range of tailored features, onboarding, training, support services, and access to Co-Creation features for real-time collaboration. 

Gravity Sketch

If you already own Gravity Sketch then don’t worry about spending cash as you’ve not only helped support development but you get a couple of thank you goodies. You’ll now have 5GB storage on LandingPad (compared to 1GB for free users) as well as ‘Early Adopter’ status on your LandingPad account with priority access to future features and services.

As for the future of Gravity Sketch, the team is still working on its iPad app alongside more mannequin features, camera controls, and more creative reference materials. All this will be, in part, thanks to the company successfully completing a £2.9 million GBP investment round back in September 2020.

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