Bullet Roulette VR Hits PlayStation VR on 21st Jan

Next week sees the launch of Hitman 3 which is likely high up on most PlayStation VR owners wanted lists for 2021. If stepping into the shoes of the infamous assassin isn’t quite your thing then the day after Fibrum will release a very different gun-based videogame, Bullet Roulette VR.

Bullet Roulette VR

Originally released as a SteamVR Early Access title in 2019 followed by the official launch last September, Bullet Roulette VR takes Russian Roulette and gives it a gamified twist. Offering both solo and online multiplayer modes for up to four people the goal is simple, be the last to survive.

Set in a gloomy bar sat around a table with three other characters, with which you can shoot both yourself and the other players. The trick is to utilise the cards in front of you as well as the coins you collect to turn the game to your advantage. Rounds start as you’d expect, with each player pulling the trigger. If they survive they gain a coin which can be used to shoot another player on the next turn. Kill them and you take their cash.

The strategy is deepened by the three cards which will provide you with a variety of options such as re-spinning the guns drum, gaining extra lives; adding a second bullet in the drum or reversing the direction of play.

Bullet Roulette VR

When playing the solo mode the AI will select from one of six characters to play against, each with their own particular behaviour. Over on the multiplayer side you’ll be able to create open or private rooms for friends to join or step into someone else’s game.

Bullet Roulette VR is scheduled to arrive for PlayStation VR on 21st January for $8.99 USD/€8.99 EUR. For more updates on the latest PlayStation VR titles coming in 2021, keep reading VRFocus.