The VR Game Launch Roundup: Puzzle War!

December is the time to start wrapping up warm and enjoying some festive treats. It’s also a great time to pick some new videogames to keep yourselves entertained during the long cold nights. Next week certainly shouldn’t disappoint thanks to the following five titles.

Swords of Gargantua

Swords of Gargantua – Thirdverse Inc.

Swords fighting title Swords of Gargantua has been out a little while for other VR platforms and was due to hit PlayStation VR in the summer. That delay is now almost over so you can dive into solo and co-op combat against legions of knights, with the main to face the Gargantua itself.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 8th December

​Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister​ – Pixel Toys

An Oculus Quest exclusive, Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister casts you as Sister Ophelia, a veteran of the Sisters of Battle. Searching for her long lost twin through countless warzones, you face down heretics and Chaos Space Marines with an arsenal of Bolters, Plasma Pistols, Flamers, Power Swords and more.

Warhammer 40K Battle Sister

Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis –
Orichalcum Pictures

Blending myth and archaeological history from ancient Greece and Egyptian civilizations, Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis takes you to the infamous city of legend, solving puzzles to save the civilisation from catastrophe.

Myst – Cyan

A puzzle classic, Myst has been reimagined specifically for VR featuring new art, sound and updated accessibility options. Developer Cyan has also included a puzzle randomization option benefiting veteran and new players alike.

  • Supported platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch date: 10th December
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond – Respawn Entertainment

The big VR release of the week, Respawn Entertainment is bringing back the Medal of Honor franchise, making use of VR uniquely interactive gameplay. Offering a solo campaign as well as five multiplayer modes, a feature called The Gallery provides short documentaries from veterans of the conflict.