StressOut Smashes Into Steam Early Access This Week

After holding an open beta weekend back in October for its destruction-based virtual reality (VR) title StressOut, indie studio VRmadillo is now preparing for its Early Access roll out. The studio has announced that’ll take place later this week whilst releasing a new trailer showcasing more gameplay footage.


If you love destructive titles like Hotel R’n’R then StressOut should be right up your street, as it’s all about creating havoc and not worrying about those going to clean up the mess. You’re stuck inside a shopping centre and the only way out is to unleash some creative chaos using an assortment of weapons and superpowers.

Since VRFocus last saw the videogame, VRmadillo has some new additions such as humans where you can choose to let them live or die in various comical ways. Or then there are the new “WTF” levels which completely remove gravity, and the inclusion of smooth locomotion so you can either teleport or run around causing mayhem. You can even go so far as to hurl large objects to destroy nearby buildings.

“You see, it’s in our nature, or at least it was when we were kids, to try to break things. Then we are taught not to do that because people tend to get mad at you. If you break stuff as an adult, there are consequences. You have to reimburse the owner and maybe find yourself in trouble with the authorities. That is why we created StressOut, a world where one can go beyond the limitations of the real world,” said VRmadillo in a statement.


While it all seems like mindless destruction – and it mostly is – StressOut does have a narrative involving an evil AI villain who lives in your watch. Freezing the world you have to use your telekinesis – and anything else you find – to destroy stuff. The better you do the more rewards you’ll earn, in turn accessing new upgrades to further enhance those abilities.

StressOut is now scheduled for a Steam Early Access launch on 10th December, also coming to Viveport on 14th December, both supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. Check out the new trailer below and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.