Solaris Offworld Combat’s Squad Update Allows Friends to Teamup

Current Oculus exclusive Solaris Offworld Combat launched back in September, offering team-based multiplayer combat. Yet there was no way to define those teams, or more importantly buddy-up with mates. That’s due to change this week with the ‘Squad Update’.

Solaris Offworld Combat

Developer First Contact Entertainment says the feature is its ‘most requested’ since launch, which is no surprise seeing that teaming up with friends is a highlight of online multiplayer. The studio does note the feature is ‘still in its infancy’ but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

The Squad Update will also include a bunch of other additions. There will ‘Fury Major’, a new map which has been “redesigned to focus on more centralized player engagement and close quarters combat” notes the team. Stamina cooldown has been altered so that you can ‘enjoy unlimited sprinting with a cooldown that happens only if you spam slide’.

Players will get new daily XP bonus and weekly challenges to work towards plus there are a couple of tweaks to make the gameplay more immersive. The option to slide by crouching in real life will appear as well as being able to move both arms independently while playing.

Solaris Offworld Combat

At the moment Solaris Offworld Combat only supports Oculus Quest and Rift but First Contact Entertainment has previously confirmed Steam and PlayStation VR versions are on the way. The latter was originally slated for this year, with time quickly running out.

Solaris Offworld Combat is a 4v4 arena battle shooter, offering one gameplay mode called ‘Control Point’, where teams have to hold a specific location. Every player starts a match exactly the same, with a singular pistol, finding better weapons and other bonuses hidden in each arena.

As further update details are released, VRFocus will let you know.