Season 2 Arrives for Battle Royale Virtual Battlegrounds

Virtual reality (VR) developer CyberDream launched its battle royale title Virtual Battlegrounds earlier this year, offering PC VR headset owners a taste of a genre still sweeping the videogame industry. Today, the studio has launched ‘Season 2’, a major update adding a new area, weather system, weapons and more.

Virtual Battlegrounds

CyberDream has added a location called the Warehouse District which it says: “is the largest area of the map to date.” Players will be able to run and gun through shipping containers, hide in warehouses and zipline across the battlefield. To make deadly use of the map’s more confined areas players will have to locate the new pump shotgun with bullet spray, pumpable rounds, and loadable shells.

Giving the environment an even more realistic feel, there’s a new weather system adding five variations. Alongside the original Virtual Battlegrounds look, when a match begins either overcast, thunderstorm, moonlight, sunny day or red sun will be randomly chosen.

Being the massive 24 player battle royale it is, Virtual Battlegrounds‘ lobby system needed some work and that’s exactly what the studio has done. It has now been reworked so players should find it easier to find others and jump into a match. Additionally, the Kill Room has been improved so players can join the red or blue side rather than being forced to wait inside.

Virtual Battlegrounds

The last part of the season 2 update is for the shooting range. Previously a single-player element for a bit of practice, now it’s a multiplayer gun range. “By default Virtual Battlegrounds is always multiplayer now outside of private games and your private room. As soon as you step into the gun range expect to test your skills against friends or strangers!” says CyberDream in a statement.

Currently, in Steam Early Access, Virtual Battlegrounds supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets (plus Oculus Quest via the Link cable). As CyberDream continues to add more gameplay modes, weapons and features during Early Access, VRFocus will keep you updated.