Cube Puzzler Machizzle Sets Early Jan Released Date for PC VR

Machizzle first came to VRFocus’ attention during the summer, a table-top style puzzle videogame which offers simple yet engaging gameplay. After the original August release date was pushed back, iNFINITE Production has now settled on early January instead whilst confirming a little more about it.


A puzzle title which both adheres to and bends the laws of physics, the aim of each level is straight forward, manoeuvre a ball around a course and get it to the goal. You do this not by having direct control of the ball, instead, you need to place a selection of puzzle pieces to alter its path. With 18 to choose from, these can bounce the ball in new directions, teleport it, speed it up or bounce it in the air for example.

Adding to the complexity, the goal can only be unlocked if a selection of golden keys are collected along the way. With a campaign featuring 80 challenging levels, latter stages won’t have one solution, offering players various means of completion. Whilst it’s difficult gauging how long a puzzle title can take, the studio estimates between 10-15 hours.

Once you’ve managed to complete the main campaign Machizzle doesn’t stop there. iNFINITE Production will include a level editor so you can build your own intricate VR puzzles using the same components the base game has. Even better, you can then share your designs with others and vice-a-versa, offering endless gameplay opportunites.


VRFocus tested an earlier version of Machizzle‘s campaign, which you can read more about here.

iNFINITE Production has scheduled the Machizzle release date for 7th January 2021 retailing for $10.99, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates on the latest VR puzzle videogames keep reading VRFocus.