Competition: Win Spaceteam VR for Steam or Oculus Quest

There’s just over a week to go until the festive holidays and in the spirit of giving VRFocus has teamed up with British virtual reality (VR) studio Cooperative Innovations for a new competition. We’re giving away Steam and Oculus Quest codes for co-op party title Spaceteam VR.

Spaceteam VR

One of the best things about Christmas is the family board game sessions, playing classics like Monopoly or a bit of Charades. 2020 being what it is, online party videogames can help to bring those separated together and Spaceteam VR offers just the sort of madcap, screaming gameplay everyone needs to unwind.

Spaceteam VR is an immersive reworking of the 2013 mobile title, allowing up to six players to participate in each round. Set aboard a spaceship in need of repair, all the players encircle a central console, each with their own station to attend. These are filled with various dials, buttons and levers to activate when the time comes, randomised for each round.

The ship’s computer will then issue orders for players which Cooperative Innovations refers to as “technobabble”. This means tasks aren’t exactly concise so everyone has to work together, complete the challenges and keep the ship in one piece. This invariably leads to lots of discussions (shouting) to get your point across.

Spaceteam VR

Additionally, Spaceteam VR includes a selection of tools like the repair hammer, fire extinguisher and Steri-Sponge 3000 for plenty of physical gameplay.

But Spaceteam VR isn’t purely an online multiplayer. There’s a single-player Practice Mode to get a feel for the gameplay or if there is a group of you together the local Face to Face mode allows one VR headset and then 5 mobile devices to connect.

And so onto the competition. VRFocus has Spaceteam VR codes available for Oculus Quest and Steam. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet ensuring that @VRFocus and @SpaceteamVR are tagged stating your preferred platform. The competition will close at midday on Friday 18th December, standard prize draw entry rules apply. Best of luck.