Colourful Racer Dash Dash World’s v2.0 Update Adds Quest 2 Enhancement and SteamVR Support

MotionX Studio launched its kart racer Dash Dash World back in October for Oculus Quest and Rift S with cross-buy support. Today, the studio has announced it’ll be rolling out a major 2.0 update today which will expand support, add new features and enhance the experience for Oculus Quest 2 owners.

Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World launched just before the Oculus Quest 2 arrived in October, and like many other developers have done to their titles, the studio has utilised the extra power to make the racer look richer and more detailed including support for the 90Hz mode. Which you can see in the comparison video below.

As for what else is new, players will get three new maps to race on – with more planned for 2021 – whilst the multiplayer has been increased to eight competitors. This is in time for Dash Dash World’s Frosty Seasonal Event which begins on 24th December. Running for three months, players will be able to compete in various challenges which offer 26 new exclusive items.

There’s also a new steering option to make the racer more immersive. Players can grab the wheel which should feel more natural and smoother to control rather than using the directional stick.

Dash Dash World

And finally there’s the addition of new players thanks to SteamVR support, bringing in HTC Vive and Valve owners into the mix. PlayStation VR will be getting its own version with cross-play but that’s not scheduled to arrive until Q1 2021.

Dash Dash World is designed to bring the fun of racing title like Mario Kart into VR, where you can drift around corners and throw items at opponents to give you an advantage. The videogame also boasts loads of visual customisation options for both kart and character.

The update for Dash Dash World goes live today, for further announcements from the studio keep reading VRFocus.