You Can Now Buy Cotton, Silicone and Lens Covers for Oculus Quest 2

For virtually every new headset that has come to market, VR Cover has released a range of accessories to make it more comfortable and hygienic. With the launch of Oculus Quest 2 last month Facebook’s new standalone headset is no different, with three new products now available.

VR Cover

As with previous headsets, VR Cover continues to offer a machine washable cotton cover, great for both protecting the foam facial interface from wear and tear as well as that cleaning factor after more energetic VR experiences. It attaches to the standard facial gasket and retails for €19 EUR/$19 USD.

For those after a facial interface that’s wipeable, useful for location-based entertainment (LBE) venues or if you’ve got a few friends over, the silicone cover for €14/$14 is available. It’s made of medical-grade silicone which is unoiled, VR Cover noting this makes it hypoallergenic. It can be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes or hand washed with soap and water.

The final product being rolled out is an entirely new one, an actual lens cover for Oculus Quest 2. Considering its vital to keep the lenses clean and scratch-free for optimum performance, this addition has been long overdue. While you can simply make sure to look after your VR headset, for €9/$9 some custom covers are quite tempting.

VR Cover

“The launch of not one but three new products demonstrates our commitment to offering more choices when it comes to accessories that upgrade the headset,” said Jay Uhde, Founder of VR Cover in a statement. “We believe the different options and benefits allow our customers to enjoy VR the way they want.”

VR Cover has also released an update regarding its Facial Interface & Foam Replacement kit. Originally expected last month, the kit’s launch has been postponed until the end of November in the US, with Europe and the rest of the world waiting until mid-November.

It’s been quite a roller coaster month where Oculus Quest 2 has been concerned with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg remaking that pre-orders had “surpassed our expectations.” On the other hand, the Elite Strap has become a little controversial with some customers reporting the arms were breaking. This has lead to the Oculus website pulling both models from sale.

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