Waltz of the Wizard Studio Halts PlayStation VR Updates Until Sony Reveals ‘What’s Next’

It’s safe to say that Aldin Dynamics is a veteran of the virtual reality (VR) industry having originally released Waltz of the Wizard back in 2016 for PC VR and PlayStation VR; continually updating the title ever since. Those improvements are now ending for PlayStation VR, with the studio revealing that future updates for the headset are now on hold.

In response to the recent PlayStation Mega Pack announcement, Aldin Dynamics’ CEO Hrafn Thorisson remarked that Sony has been very tight-lipped regarding where it’s going to take PlayStation VR next and that until the company does Waltz of the Wizard won’t be getting any further updates for the platform.

Whilst there have been a number of patents relating to a possible PlayStation VR 2, as yet nothing has been confirmed. Thorisson suggested a ‘PSPVR’ route, taking the headset mobile but with the option to plug into a PlayStation 5 which could help improve the graphics; much in the same way as Oculus Quest and Oculus Link.

Thorisson went onto say: “You know, we had to put enormous effort into making Waltz work with PSVR. We have always been open with Sony on the issues,” adding: “Sony is leaving you and us hanging, both.”

Waltz of the Wizard

The biggest problem when it comes to updating videogames for PlayStation VR is the fact the platform hasn’t kept up with the rest of the VR industry. Its the only headset on the market from 2016, a lifetime ago considering the number of iterations Oculus and HTC Vive have gone through.

Currently, Aldin Dynamics is working on Waltz of the Wizard’s first major expansion ‘Natural Magic‘. Due for release on Oculus Quest/Quest 2 and SteamVR in Q1 2021, the update will add new environments including a procedurally generated labyrinth as well as a new magic system with natural gesture control.

Hence why Thorisson is very honest about why Natural Magic won’t come to PlayStation VR: “the features we’re working on for Natural Magic literally *don’t work* on PSVR because of platform limitations.”

So while Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has ensured PlayStation VR’s working life can continue on PlayStation 5, its ability to keep up with rivals is continually eroding. For further updates on these topics, keep reading VRFocus.