Oculus Quest Jails Prison Boss VR in December

Virtual reality (VR) specialist Trebuchet launched its first title Prison Boss VR back in 2017 for PC VR, followed by PlayStation VR. Today, the studio has announced that the crafting and trading videogame will get an Oculus Quest port next month.

Prison Boss VR

A comedic look at spending time behind bars, Prison Boss VR is all about making the most of your jail cell. This means crafting items to sell to other inmates, adding a few extra luxuries to your grey walls all the while avoiding being caught by the warden.

Using room-scale to turn your VR space into a jail cell, you’ll be able to craft items like cigarettes, alcohol and cookies to either sell to the trader, building up those cash reserves or use the items to complete jobs. Earn as much as possible to become the head honcho or buy furniture, posters and other items to create a little slice of home.

But those prison guards aren’t there for polite conversation. Any hard-earned money or contraband will need to be hidden to avoid being confiscated. So your layout needs to carefully evolve as your reputation increases. You’re not stuck in one location either, as there are four prisons and over 80 jobs to complete. Plus there are three gameplay modes to keep you busy.

Prison Boss VR

Prison Boss is a title that was really built for VR with the idea of the jail cell scaling with your VR space. I’d even go as far as saying that having it come to the Quest with its untethered headset makes it the ultimate VR contraband simulator available on the market,” said Vincent Brunet-Dupont, CEO of Trebuchet in a statement.

Prison Boss VR is due to launch for the Oculus Quest platform on 3rd December 2020, retailing for $19.99 USD. Check out the announcement trailer below and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.