In Death: Unchained’s Oculus Quest 2 Enhancement’s Go Live This Week

With the launch of Oculus Quest 2 last month a fair few developers who’ve released titles for the original headset either rolled out or confirmed incoming updates to make use of the extra processing power. Superbright was one of them, initially teasing improved draw distances for In Death: Unchained. Now further details have been released ahead of that update.

In Death: Unchained

The most notable difference is with that environmental distance which has a big effect on the overall feel and atmosphere of the experience. In between firing arrows into templars’ skulls, you’ll notice the Oculus Quest 2 version of In Death: Unchained is now closer to the original PC edition, offering a far more grandiose world.

Players will also notice a new volumetric, multi-layered custom fog which permeates the entire landscape, bringing the videogame closer to the heavenly look the team desired. All the levels also have additional elements to fill them out a little more, such as floating islands, whilst a scrolling cloud shadow effect adds further visual variety.

There are plenty of subtle additions which you may not notice but all help. Superbright has been able to turn off Fixed Foveated Rendering to crisp up the visuals, a new snow shader makes the fluffy white stuff more realistic, and the texture LOD’s/mipmaps are tuned differently for sharper graphics.

In Death: Unchained

We’d like to establish Unchained as a visual benchmark, so that means we’re going to keep working on the visuals and pushing that limit,” said Wojtek Podgorski, Superbright CEO in a statement. “In the end, we’d like this to be a game that everyone needs to have just to see how cool things can look in VR. Our upcoming free DLC is going to support this idea too by giving even casual players something fun to do, enjoying the views and shooting without.”

No further details have been released regarding the DLC but the studio has previously said it’ll arrive this month. As for these Oculus Quest 2 enhancements, players should see these arrive tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd November. For further updates on the rogue-lite shooter, keep reading VRFocus.