Facebook Begins Oculus Quest Update Rollout, Adds 90Hz Support, Move & More

When Facebook officially announced the Oculus Quest 2 during its Connect event in September the company also revealed what it had in store for the headset including new features. Last week it was announced that the v23 software update would begin its rollout, adding plenty of new and improved features.

Oculus Move

First up there’s the much talked about 90Hz mode which makes virtual reality (VR) gaming on Oculus Quest 2 super smooth. Initially, a basic opt-in beta to view areas like the home environment, store and browser in 90Hz, now the headset supports the mode natively so that all system software including Guardian and Passthrough will be 90Hz by default, plus developers will be able to start adding support to their titles.

Additionally, Oculus Link is moving out of beta and will also support 90Hz. In the Oculus PC App you’ll be able to toggle between 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz. Oculus Link won’t only be smoother but it’ll look better to, with a new interface for managing the graphics. “We’ve retuned our automatic graphics profile settings to squeeze more performance out of your graphics card by default,” the company notes. 

When it comes to new stuff, the update will be adding Oculus Move, the fitness tracking app for those who want to keep an eye on their workouts. Working across all videogames and experiences even if they’re not fitness focused, players will be able to track estimated calories and set daily goals. Oculus Move is rolling out from today. 

Oculus Quest 2 - Link

The one problem Oculus’ digital only store has always faced is the inability to help customer gift games to one another. That’ll soon come to an end with the App Gifting feature. Being rolled out towards the end of November, customers will be able to go to the store and press the “Buy for a Friend” button and then enter their mate’s email address to allocate the gift. The Black Friday Oculus Store is expected to start at the end of the week, so hopefully, the feature might be live by then.

As with previous update rollouts you might not have received v23 just yet. One new addition you can play with straight away is the PC Casting feature which uses either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. For further updates from Oculus, keep reading VRFocus.