Yupitergrad Adding PlayStation VR & Oculus Quest Support Jan 2021

One of the surprising puzzle titles of 2020 has to be Gamedust’s swinging adventure Yupitergrad which released for PC VR headsets in August. This week the studio has revealed new updates are on the way as well as expanding support to more platforms.


The big news is that PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest will see ports of the videogame, with a launch currently slated for the end of January 2021. Both versions will get all the updates Gamedust is about to (or has already) released for Yupitergrad.

Since the launch a couple of months ago the studio has added Valve Index support and rolled out a Custom Controls update. This allows players to tinker with settings such as smooth rotation, turning off rotation altogether and calibrating the grappling hooks’ Y and X-axis.

As for new content, the next update will see a Time Attack mode added. Providing a new playlist of arcade levels which have either been revamped from the campaign or designed from the scratch, the mode will include new energetic music tracks and a leaderboard to compare scores.


Trying to escape a space station orbiting Jupiter, the only way you can is by using the grappling hooks attached to each hand to navigate the treacherous passageways. Swing through a labyrinth of vents and piping, all containing water, gas, whirling rollers of death and other obstacles.

VRFocus enjoyed Yupitergrad’s brand of humour and gameplay, saying in its review: “What you see is what you get with Gamedust’s latest VR experience and that’s no bad thing. From the aesthetics to the locomotion, Yupitergrad is a nicely crafted VR game which was thrilling to play at points.”

For the moment you can find Yupitergrad on Viveport, Oculus Store, and Steam, with a Vive Focus Plus version also available in China. For further updates on the PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest versions, keep reading VRFocus.