The VR Game Launch Roundup: A Horrifyingly Tasty Selection

October hasn’t disappointed when it comes to virtual reality (VR) titles for most of the major headsets and with one week left to go there are more to look forward to. Naturally, with Halloween coming up, there are a couple of spooky titles as well as non-seasonal entries.


Flavortown – Last Hope of the Internet

The first of a six-episode series arrives next week in the form of comedic title Flavortown, where you become a meatball cop in a world entirely populated by living food. Your job is to infiltrate Flavortown’s underworld and clean up the streets, as well as enjoying all the other tasty treats the town has to offer.

AGOS: A Game of Space – Ubisoft

Ubisoft has made a few VR titles and continues to support the technology with interstellar simulator AGOS: A Game of Space. Mankind has abandoned Earth heading out among the stars to find a new home. Split between thousands of ships, you play the AI onboard one, tasked with keeping your cargo safe and well.

AGOS: A Game of Space

Groove Gunner – BitCutter Studios

VR fans love a good rhythm-action videogame and Groove Gunner will be the latest to join this energetic genre. With a demo already available, the gameplay is split between shooting targets as well as blocking incoming projectiles with arm-mounted light shields.

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition – Bloober Team

Time for the big horror title of the week. Bloober Team is bringing its Blair Witch videogame to VR, with Oculus Quest being the first platform. Redesigned around VR interaction, you have your lovable companion Bullet by your side as you venture into the cheery forest…and, well you know the rest.

Blair Witch Oculus Quest

Horror Bar VR – VR Factory

Time for some light-hearted Halloween fun, from the team which brought you Bartender VR Simulator, comes Horror Bar VR. Released as an Early Access title, you’re the bartender in a zombie bar serving all-sorts of ghoulish drinks for the undead patrons, even rustling up the odd snack or two.