Steampunk RPG Patagon: The Forbidden Island Begins Kickstarter Campaign

There have been several successful virtual reality (VR) Kickstarter campaigns in 2020, recent ones include Ilysia and Sword Reverie. Another going down the crowd-funding route is Patagon: The Forbidden Island, a steampunk role-playing game (RPG) with plans to create an epic open-world adventure.

Patagon: The Forbidden Island

The work of Something Awesome Games, the Kickstarter aims to raise $30,000 USD to help make Patagon: The Forbidden Island happen. With a veteran team who have worked on titles like Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR as well as The Mandalorian, the videogame aims to drop players in a world inspired by Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and BioShock.

It’ll be a seven-mile square island filled with dinosaurs to hunt and other dangers to deal with. Set in an alternate reality where the British Empire never ended, explorers travel the world on giant zeppelins rather than ships. You play a retired army lieutenant who has turned their attention to big game hunting, now hired by ‘The Company’ to restore order on Patagon Island, a profitable plantation.

This means exploring the jungle island, solving puzzles, completing missions and, of course, hunting dinos. With a range of steampunk weapons including the Steam Rifle and Tesla Gun, players will also have access to bombs, explosives and traps. They have access to the skies via the zeppelins and explore the surrounding waters in a submarine. 2-hour day and night cycles will also feature.

Patagon: The Forbidden Island

“The game is designed to be played in fun chunks of 1 or 2 hour-long missions,” notes the funding page. “We are trying to avoid boring grinding/farming tasks and focus on the adventure. You should be able to jump into the game and have some excitement without having a second job to maintain.”

Set to support a range of headsets including Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and PlayStation VR, Patagon: The Forbidden Island will be playable via traditional desktop as well. Something Awesome Games then plan to add co-op missions so PC and VR players can collaborate.

Currently sat on just over $4,000, to back the campaign and secure yourself a copy you’ll need to drop $29 (about £23 GBP). Higher tiers unlock alpha access and more. The slated launch date in October 2021. As the campaign progresses, VRFocus will bring you further updates.