New Japanese PlayStation VR Bundles to Include Camera Adaptor for PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) next-gen console, the PlayStation 5 is due to launch in a month and while most details have been released including a recent teardown, one piece of information is still missing; how to get the PlayStation Camera Adapter. Unless you’re in Japan, with a couple of new bundles confirmed to include the device.

PlayStation 5

Over on the Japanese PlayStation Blog the site has announced two new PlayStation VR bundles which will go on sale from next Thursday, 29th October 2020. A ‘Variety Pack’ will offer the headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move controllers and four videogames (Astro Bot Rescue Mission, PlayStation VR Worlds, Everybody’s Golf VR and Ryan Marks Revenge Mission).

The other is an entry-level bundle with the headset, camera and PlayStation VR Worlds. Crucially, customers who buy either of these deals will be given the PlayStation Camera Adapter free at the time of purchase. Even if they don’t buy these particular bundles, customers buying a PlayStation VR after the 29th October will still be given the adapter free of charge.

However, SIE has yet to confirm how current owners either in Japan or the West go about applying for the free adapter. With the weeks quickly ticking away the chance of playing VR on the new hardware on launch day could be in doubt.

PlayStation VR third anniversary

Why all the fuss about the adapter? Well, it’s down to two reasons. Firstly, PlayStation 5 doesn’t have the correct port for the older camera and rather oddly, the new HD Camera doesn’t support PlayStation VR. So without said adapter, it’s impossible to switch your VR gaming to the new console. Luckily, when you have it most VR titles are supported by PlayStation 5, only two aren’t – Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and DWVR by Mad Triangles.

When details regarding how to get the PlayStation Camera Adapter are released, VRFocus will let you know.