Hybrid Tower Defence/FPS Cyberspace VR Launches Kickstarter

On occasion, certain videogame genres come in waves, not first-person shooters (FPS) as they’re always appearing but more niche examples like tower defence. Recently, this has been the case with hybrid FPS/tower defence examples like Automata Break and Captain Toonhead vs the Punks from Outer Space. The latest to enter this field is Cyberspace VR, with developer FUSE launching a Kickstarter to help fund the project.

Cyberspace VR

Combining the two genres together, Cyberspace VR in its current form puts players in various arenas for each level, each one walled off in a particular shape for waves of enemies to progress through. A the start of each round you can then select from a variety of towers to defend a central core, from rapid fire emplacements to heavy ordinance. After placement atop the walls you can then go on the hunt with machine guns, shotguns and other futuristic weaponry.

This single-player arcade mode is just the start for Cyberspace VR, with FUSE also planning a multiplayer and a full story-driven campaign further down the line. To help achieve this the team is looking to raise MX$150,000 (approx $7000 USD/£5,000 GBP), a rather small sum which its says is: “to help us push through the last part of our development process and bring a minimum viable product to launch.”

That means the base funding tiers are relatively low, with the first giving backers early access as well as access to future expansions during 2021 retailing for MX$340 (£13). The Early Access build of Cyberspace VR – which supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index – will be available from November 2020. The story campaign is already under development expecting to release a teaser in January 2021.

Cyberspace VR

FUSE has already outlined its Kickstarter stretch goals should the campaign do well, adding in Oculus Quest 2 support at $15,000, PlayStation VR support at $20,000 and at the top end a full open-world MMORPG expansion for $90,000.

So the team from Monterrey, Mexico has some big goals beyond just a simple tower defence videogame. Whilst this is the first original videogame from FUSE which usually specialises in branded VR content for enterprise clients, having previously created over 30 immersive projects.

The Cyberspace VR Kickstarter has now begun, for further updates on its progress over the next month, keep reading VRFocus.