HTC Vive’s XR Suite for Remote Collaboration Goes Live

HTC Vive has been putting more and more effort into its business-focused ecosystem, whether that’s through hardware like the Vive Focus Plus and Vive Pro Eye or its Vive X accelerator. On the software side, the company announced the Vive XR Suite earlier this year and today that bundle of five applications has gone live.

Vive XR Suite

The Vive XR Suite is designed for virtual remote collaboration needs, from hosting a conference online to colleagues getting together to brainstorm new ideas. The collection comprises Vive Sync, Vive Sessions, Vive Campus, Vive Social, and Vive Museum, all of which can be used on VR headsets, PCs, phones and tablets. Vive Sync, for example, is the main all-in-one meeting and collaboration tool whilst Vive Campus provides virtual offices and learning environments.

To maintain flexibility enterprise customers can either buy the full Vive XR Suite or the various elements which suit them the most. This can be multi-seat licenses for individual applications or even hardware bundles including headsets. HTC Vive has partnered with Pico, Nreal, HP and others who’ll be pre-loading the suite onto their devices.

“Applying technology to solve real-world problems has always been a core tenet of our philosophy at HTC. The Vive XR Suite offers the ultimate VR enterprise software solution, specifically designed to help businesses solve today’s most pressing problems in a secure and innovative way,” said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC in a statement. “By putting the resources of HTC behind these apps, we can ensure business customers around the world receive the system scalability and professional support they demand.”

Vive XR Suite

“Remote working is going to be the new standard, so it’s important that collaboration across organisations is constantly improving thanks to advances in technology,” adds Graham Wheeler, General Manager, HTC EMEA. “Vive XR Suite is designed to offer the leading spatial applications on the market to deliver a seamless user experience which improves productivity and engagement for users with and without XR devices. We’ve worked with the best talent in the industry, and together we are leading the next collaboration revolution.”

The Vive XR Suite will cost companies either $30 USD per seat a month or $250 per seat for the whole year. For further updates on HTC Vive’s latest plans, keep reading VRFocus.