Horror-Comedy Hello Puppets! Continues Performance on Steam

Otherworld Interactive loves to scare virtual reality (VR) gamers, originally launching Sisters for mobile VR and then Hello Puppets! arrived for Oculus Rift last year. Just in time for the spooky season, the studio has now expanded Hello Puppets! support to Steam.

Hello Puppets

There’s nothing like a dead-eye puppet suddenly appearing in your peripheral vision and with Hello Puppets! there are loads to watch out for. With a back story involving a failed children’s show called Mortimer’s Handeemen which used hand puppets, a fire destroying the studio killing eight people and a magic spell gone wrong, the scene is set for an amusingly terrifying experience.

You play a college reporter who goes to the dilapidated location to see if the rumours that it’s haunted are true. Events take a turn for the worse where you end up with a puppet called Scout attached to your non-dominant hand. The foul-mouthed sentient puppet might swear a lot but she’s there to help you, and as the developer says, only: “slightly less evil” than all the other murderous puppets.

Hello Puppets! is filled with puzzles to solve as you look for a way to escape the horror , and the jump scares. A “Puppet Mode” will let you see the world from Scout’s eyes, with the new perspective helping to solve puzzles, uncover secrets and escape the many enemies lurking in the dark.

Hello Puppets

You’ll also have to watch out how you treat Scout as she remembers your interactions, depending on what she thinks of you she’ll react differently.

Hello Puppets! is available now via Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, with a 10% discount available until 29th October. For further updates from Otherworld Interactive, keep reading VRFocus.