Five All-New Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Tetris Effect: Connected

By itself, the single-player Tetris Effect is a very good videogame but the upcoming multiplayer addition will help to give the title that competitive edge. Initially revealed this past summer, today, Enhance Games and The Tetris Company have announced the five all-new multiplayer modes due to be released.

Tetris Effect: Connected

The first is called ‘Connected’ – a nod to the title – introducing a co-op mode where three players are able to team up and connect their Matrix playfields in an effort to beat AI-controlled bosses. These bosses each have their own particular attacks called ‘Blitzes’ which have an array of effects from removing the hold piece to halting rotations and even adding blocks which need to be cleared twice. A variation of this mode is ‘Connect Vs’ where a fourth player can join in as the boss.

Then there’s ‘Zone Battle’, a PvP match using standard Tetris rules. But there is a twist, the time-stopping Zone mechanic which Tetris Effect’s single-player introduced. So that means once a player can activate the ‘Zone’ they’ll have the chance to build up to 22 lines before they get sent their opponents way.

The third mode is ‘Score Attack’ where two players compete separately to see who can get the best score. A variation of this mode comes in the form of ‘Classic Score Attack’ which rolls the aesthetics and gameplay back 30 years. Paying homage to pro-Tetris competitions the mode removes the Hard Drop and Hold Queue abilities, Tetriminos lockdown immediately when they touch a surface and Tetrimino’s generate randomly.

Tetris Effect: Connected

VRFocus gave the PC VR edition of Tetris Effect a full five-star review, saying: “Tetris Effect has lost none of the prime gameplay quality that the series is known for, it’s still as addictive and difficult to stop playing as ever. Quite frankly, Tetris Effect is the best version of Tetris. Just as important, the title suits experienced and new VR players alike.”

Tetris Effect: Connected will get an exclusive timed launched for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC (Microsoft Store), as well as Game Pass on 10th November 2020. The multiplayer expansion will then hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PC on Epic Games Store and Oculus Quest during summer 2021.

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