Beat Saber Multiplayer for PlayStation VR Arrives Early 2021

Last week to coincide with the launch of Oculus Quest 2, Beat Games launched the long-awaited multiplayer mode for Beat Saber across PC VR and the Quest platform. There was one notable absence, PlayStation VR support. Today, the studio has confirmed a delay until next year.

Beat Saber

Taking to Twitter the team said: “Dear PS VR players, we’re so sorry that multiplayer is still not available for PS4. Bringing MP to PS4 is a priority for us, but development is taking much longer than we’d expected. We’re trying to deliver multiplayer in January if everything goes to plan.”

Even with Beat Games’ acquisition by Facebook towards the end of 2019 the studio has continued to support all the platforms Beat Saber is available on. As can be quite often the case, porting content to PlayStation VR isn’t a simple or quick process hence why it launched so many months after the PC version.

The studio went onto say in subsequent tweets: “We will keep working on multiplayer for PS4 as fast as possible, along with exciting new music content on the way!,” responding to one disgruntled player: “We’re really sorry and totally understand your feelings, we want to release multiplayer asap, but the development is taking us longer than we expected. Please bear with us, we are doing our best.”

rocket league - beatsaber

Beat Saber has garnered a legion of fans thanks to its easily picked up gameplay and continually updated selection of tracks; the latest coming from rock band Linkin Park a couple of months back with a BTS music pack arriving in November.

The multiplayer mode allows up to five people to compete against one another, either in a private party with friends or taking part in a random match. The feature doesn’t support cross-platform gameplay – although the studio is looking into it – and there isn’t any built-in voice chat but the mode does support all the official base songs as well as those in DLC.

For further updates to Beat Saber including that PlayStation VR multiplayer date, keep reading VRFocus.