VR MMORPG ‘NYX’ Promises a Gritty Cyberpunk Adventure in 2022

When people think of cyberpunk Blade Runner tends to epitomise the genre but there are virtual reality (VR) developers looking to carve their own niche. Titles such as Low-Fi and Zenith were announced last year and recently Exocubic Games revealed its project, a VR MMORPG called NYX.


Like any good dystopian future there’s a cataclysmic backstory the world is built around. In 2055 a contaminated spacecraft exploded in the atmosphere, completely changing life on Earth. Fast forwarding 30 years, NYX is set in 2085 with humanity now residing in 12 colonies, filled with crime and polluted air, all controlled by massive corporations.

Still very much in the early stages of development, NYX is slated to feature procedurally generated quests, ‘special occasion’ quests as well as main story quests. In some of these players will also have the chance to change the outcome, so that tasks don’t feel too linear.

Exocubic Games will be creating four classes for players to select when the videogame initially launches, from a swordsman who can cut down enemies to a rogue who likes to hunt from the shadows. Each one featuring sub-divisions so that players can fine-tune their characters’ skill sets. Gameplay will be physics-oriented with the studio inspired by videogames like Boneworks and Half-Life: Alyx.


As an MMORPG there will be plenty of places to explore either solo or with friends. The multiple city levels mean players will find themselves wandering seemingly endless sewers and underground villages. Then heading skyward inside the city’s superstructures or even heading out into the scorched wasteland. All the while collecting useful resources to build new equipment or sell when required.

In its present state, NYX is using low-poly visuals much like those used in The Morrigan or Journey of the Gods. These are likely to change however, as the studio states what’s been shown so far: ‘Does not represent the final look of NYX’.

Currently, NYX is down for a late 2022 launch support most major VR platforms including Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets. The studio has a Patreon account running if you wanted to back the project in these early stages but there’s also mention of a planned Kickstarter campaign; although it’s unclear when that will be.

Check out the teaser trailer below and for further updates on NYX, keep reading VRFocus.