VR MMORPG Ilysia Begins Kickstarter Campaign, 50% Funded in 4 Days

Earlier this year indie virtual reality (VR) developer Team 21 Studio announced plans to launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for it MMORPG Ilysia. The campaign has now begun, already reaching 50% of its goal within the first four days.

Ilysia - PCVR

Like any MMORPG, Team 21 Studio has big plans for Ilysia, envisioning a massive open world for players to explore and go on adventures in. To ground players in the world, the team has created a rich narrative backstory involving a race called the Lagenans. Having corrupted their world they sought another, creating portals to Ilysia. However, the races of Ilysia didn’t want the Lagenans’ dark arts infecting their world so a great war began, eventually seeing the invaders repelled. While the armies escaped many of the normal folk such as the craftsmen didn’t. Jumping forward 300 years these folk have now been allowed to freely wander Ilysia, and so the adventure begins.

Currently spanning a 16 km x 18 km world, the team plans on doubling that size as development continues so that players have a sizable videogame to explore, filled with open plains, deep valleys, oceans, rivers, lakes, caves, and mountains as well as plenty of enemies. Traditional elements such as crafting and dungeon crawling will also be present.

To help explore the expansive environment Ilysia will offer several options, from free-climbing and swimming to jumping in an airship or riding an animal across the plains. Combat will be based on realistic physics so that bladed weapons must be swung correctly to cause damage, requiring both the sharp edge and velocity to be just right. Magic will also be an option, offering both gesture-based and button activated spells.

Ilysia - PCVR

To make all of this a reality Team 21 Studio is looking to raise $60,000 USD (£45,638 GBP) over the course of the month. The campaign is already well on the way having achieved $34,900 in the past four days. Funding tiers to get a digital copy of the videogame start from $25 with the $32 tier providing early access to the beta and higher tiers opening access to the current alpha.

Ilysia is currently slated for a 2021 launch, supporting most VR headsets including Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR. For further updates on the project as development continues, keep reading VRFocus.