The Magical Cosmos Awaits in Stargaze During PAX x EGX This Month

Tomorrow sees the start of the first digital PAX x EGX event featuring indie as well as AAA developers. As part of the lineup Played With Fire has announced that its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Stargaze will have a playable demo available ahead of a planned Q4 2020 launch.


Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s the ‘Little Prince’, Stargaze is a puzzle adventure where you become an astronomer viewing the fascinating universe through their telescope. You’ll be able to observe other planets and see what life resides on them. Then by manipulating the telescope you’ll have to find the proper angles and perspective to uncover each planet’s secrets.

Your observatory contains scientific equipment, a research journal and photographic equipment, helping you analyze what you find and take photos of any strange phenomena which appear. After that it’s all about figuring out how all the phenomena connect, triggering events by joining them together.

Had enough of solving puzzles or stuck on a particular problem? Then simply sit back an enjoy some stargazing instead.


Played With Fire is developing Stargaze for PC VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality, launching later this year. The playable demo will be available via Steam for the duration of PAX x EGX, running from 12th-20th September 2020. There will also be a live stream of Stargaze on Twitch, hosted by the Indie Games Poland Foundation.

Check out the trailer below and for further updates on Stargaze keep reading VRFocus.